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Nappy Covers - slightly flawed fabric - save 50%!


$11.00 inc No Tax


These nappy covers were handmade with care. The only problem with them is that the lining fabric (on the side that faces the baby) has inadvertently been sewn wrong-side up. The nappies have our old Buddle Bums logo on the back. They are made from the same premium fabrics as all our stock. They look just the same from the outside. The inside looks and feels almost the same (slightly less cushy).


The flaw will not affect the performance of these nappies at all. They will still be just as waterproof, soft and stain-repellent.


The only issue is that the lining fabric is not designed to be exposed on the back and may be affected by pilling (forming fuzzy balls on the surface) after many washes. We have tested them on our own kids and they have handled over 20 washes so far without any problems, but we can't guarantee them. 


We can't bear to waste them, so we are offering them at a huge 50% off! This is a great opportunity to extend your nappy stash with a few more covers, or to try them out at a bargain price. 


You will need soakers to use these covers. Soakers are available in packs of soaker seconds which also have only minor flaws.

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