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The Green Nappy Company is a family business that manufactures cloth nappies in Western Australia. Our products were developed by an Australian mother and GP. She wanted to develop a simpler nappy system with the benefits of more complex styles. 

The Green Nappy combines convenience, a slim fit, easy care and quick drying.

We use our products for our own children. This constant experience allows us to improve our products all the time. We love to hear feedback and we always act on this to improve our products.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the environmental impact of raising children. Cloth nappies reduce landfill waste, water consumption and power consumption caused by disposable nappies. Our nappies are so easy to use that parents can confidently say no to disposables!

Our products are made with care in Australia. The Green Nappy Company provides opportunities for mums with small children to work from home. All of our products are made to high quality standards in non-smoking environments.

We only sell directly so that we can pass on the cost savings to you, our customers. This saving enables us to produce high-quality products at a competitive price to overseas-made brands, while keeping jobs in Australia. 


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