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All about our Snap Covers

Designed to be used with The Green Nappy Company's nappy inserts, these covers have been designed for kids who prefer nappy changes standing up and to help make toilet-training easier.

The nappy insert is placed on the Snap Cover in the usual way. The snaps can be fastened prior to putting the nappy on, so that children can stay standing up, or pull up the pants by themselves. Alternatively, the Snap Pants can be put on in a lying down position like a standard nappy. The covers are very stretchy allowing plenty of space for chubby thighs to fit through.

The snap openings are great for toilet training when you sometimes need to pull the nappy off fast! The snaps are strong and difficult for little fingers to open, so the nappy stays on when you need it to be on. Our snaps are made of plastic and fitted with a professional snap press. They are durable and will withstand frequent use and washing. The nappy fabric is made from the same stretchy polyurethane laminate and microfleece fabrics as our regular nappy covers. The fabric is beautiful and soft, stretchy, waterproof and breathable. 

There are four options for fastening the snaps, three of which are shown in the pictures below. This means that you can ensure that the leg and waist holes are both snugly fitted. It also allows adaptability to fit in more absorbent nappy inserts, for example overnight, using a looser setting. Please note that our doll has quite chubby thighs and the small setting is too small for this doll. This doll is the size of a 10kg infant. The fourth setting has the snaps crossed in the opposite way as for chubby thighs, so that there is a wide waist and narrow thigh openings. It does not fit our doll that way!

1. small setting                                 2. chubby thighs                               3. large setting                                                                                                                                                                 

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Snap Covers - Q&A

What size do I need?
Our Snap Pants are one size only and will fit most children from rougly 10 months of age until toilet trained. Waist 36-76cm, thighs 18-30cm, rise 42cm. Snap Pants are a great alternative to our standard Toddler size velcro covers.

Do I need to buy extra inserts?
The Snap covers have been specifically designed to be used with The Green Nappy Company's nappy soakers. You can continue to use the soakers that you already have. 

Do you make Snap Covers in a smaller size for newborns?
Our research has indicated that most parents of newborn babies prefer hook and loop fastenings (ie Velcro) due to the ease of use. Snaps are more fiddly to use and during the first months we do not feel that snaps offer any advantage over hook and loop. See below for a comparison of snaps and hook and loop.

Will the nappy insert move around in the cover as the nappy is pulled on?
The Snap Pants have been designed to hold the nappy insert in place without snaps or pockets. The nappy insert will usually stay in place, but if the nappy is pulled up awkwardly it may bunch up at one side. Parents can help  by holding the back and front of the nappy insert in place as the nappy is pulled up. Once the nappy is on, the nappy insert will not move as the unique design holds it in place.

How are the Snap Covers washed?
Our care instructions are the same for all of our nappies. After use, open the snaps and remove any solids. Store used nappies in a dry bucket and wash in cold water with 1/2 recommended amount of a "green" detergent. Line dry. Snap Pants must not be tumble-dried as this may affect the waterproof quality of the fabric.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of snaps versus hook and loop (Velcro)?
Snaps -  advantages - less bulky, easier to take off quickly, stays firmly shut so can be used for pull-up design, harder for little ones to open by themselves
Snaps - disadvantages - fiddly to close, harder to use in the dark, less options for adjusting tightness  
hook and loop - advantages - very simple to use, easy to do in the dark, can exactly adjust the tightness of waist
hook and loop - disadvantages - child can learn to pull it apart, can be noisy, can stick to other things eg clothing, rugs, washing (that's why our nappies have laundry tabs!)
We believe that hook and loop (Velcro) is a better option for small babies who need frequent nappy changes, often at night, and don't walk around as much. As children get bigger, become more independent and inquisitive, snaps have some useful features.



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